The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past  (e-book)


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     The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past
        (Book 1 of The Mirrors of Fate Trilogy is a YA paranormal romance. Contains adult content. Ages 16 and up.)

Adopted into a well-off Indian family when she was young, the present is high school senior Maria’s only concern as she desperately plots to prevent an arranged marriage before she graduates. But when a new student enters her life on a mission of revenge, Maria is forced to revisit a past betrayal and learn of her entanglement in a dangerous cross-dimensional web of fate.

A Deeper Look into the First Installment Out of the Past and The Mirrors of Fate series

About the book

Her academy’s community service program brought them together. Time and tide drew them apart. From the day Maria met Emma, she knew the little girl was different. An orphaned seven-year-old whose unnatural ability to recreate the past was even more frightening than the story of her family’s death. Obligatory time at White Crest Hospital soon became treasured time as ninth grader Maria Jaghai became friends with the child who spoke of a living dead brother.

But with the next school year looming and her own less-than-ordinary problems to worry about, Maria Jaghai moved on with her life and didn’t look back upon the child whose name she allowed to become a distant memory. Now as a high school senior, the present is Maria's only concern as she desperately plots to prevent an arranged marriage her parents are planning before she graduates.  A new and pleasant distraction comes in the form of a handsome student named Alan, but behind his smiles lie dark intent, and soon the truths about the forgotten little girl and the horrors that haunt the child’s family come crashing down upon her. Maria will quickly learn that you cannot forsake your friends; you cannot control your fate; and you cannot escape the ghosts of your past. To heal the past and secure the future, Maria must leave the world she knows for a world of magic, bloody wars, and fate science. The strange ride into fate begins with this first installment of “The Mirrors of Fate” series.


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