Most writers say things like, "I've been writing all my life", or "Since I've been in the womb I've been writing", and I'm afraid my story is no different. If I wasn't drawing, doodling, writing short stories, or typing up scripts I wanted to make into movies one day, I was pretty much always thinking about a story or tale I wanted to write. I guess I owe that to my wild imagination, which most people let me know is quite out there and works with my crazy, cooky, playful personality. But aspiring writers, whether you've been writing since you could hold a pen, or if it's something new you're trying out, should always remember to have confidence, grow and learn. I think everyone should write because they love to. You don't have to be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling. Your only competition should be yourself, and as you nurture and hone your craft, hopefully others will be inspired by and appreciate your work.


Cindi Lee hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Living on and off in the United States, she attended  schools in both Jamaica and the US. Cindi Lee earned a Bachelors in English at the University of the West Indies where she also studied Japanese. Her taste in books ranges widely, enjoying works by Christine Feehan, Alfred Bester, Jamaica Kincaid, Graham Greene, Charles Dickens, Judith Guest and more. She draws her inspiration from all avenues.



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